2017 News

2016 News Releases

11-11 Weld DA: County Leads the Way in Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations(PDF, 75KB)

10-28 Greeley Bank Robber Sentenced to 8 Years DOC(PDF, 88KB)

10-27 Jury Finds Former Sheriff's Deputy Guilty of Careless Driving(PDF, 69KB)

10-25 Mom in Viral Child Abuse Video Pleads Guilty(PDF, 89KB)

10-19 Greeley Man Charged with Beating Pregnant Girlfriend with Dumbbells(PDF, 81KB)

10-19 Former Westminster Bus Driver Pleads Guilty to Attempted Sex Assault on a Child(PDF, 89KB)

10-18 Johnstown Man Sentenced in Child Porn Case(PDF, 87KB)

10-14 Evans Officer Cleared in September Motel Shooting(PDF, 71KB)

10-7 Woman Found Guilty in 2015 Road Rage Deaths(PDF, 96KB)

10-6 Gilcrest Man Gets 10 Years for Beating Woman(PDF, 84KB)

9-30 More Details Released in Case Against Parolee Accused of Impaling Woman with Baseball Bat(PDF, 88KB)

9-27 Clown Threats Are No Laughing Matter(PDF, 99KB)

9-21 19-Year-Old Held Without Bond in Biker Gang Murder(PDF, 91KB)

9-19 Greeley Gang Leader Sentenced to Life + 98 Years in Prison(PDF, 72KB)

9-15 Wyoming Man Gets 1 Year in Jail for Fatal Crash(PDF, 72KB)

9-15 Bond Set at $1 Million in Gang Murder(PDF, 70KB)

9-14 Mother Bound For Trial In Child Abuse Death(PDF, 72KB)

Weld DA Employee Wins State-Wide Award(PDF, 67KB)

Wyoming Man Found Guilty In 2015 Fatal Crash(PDF, 72KB)

8-24 1984 Cold Case Approved For Trial(PDF, 38KB)

8-22 New Community Relations Director(PDF, 36KB)

8-12 Greeley Man Convicted of Human Trafficking(PDF, 43KB)

8-5 Gang Leader Convicted of Homicide and Colorado Organized Crime Control Act(PDF, 39KB)

7-8 Greeley Man Sentenced to 80 Years on Attempted First Degree Murder of a Police Officer(PDF, 38KB)

6-10 Road Rage Stabbing Defendant Found Guilty(PDF, 38KB)

6-8 Road Rage Investigation Update(PDF, 37KB)

6-6 Paving Scams(PDF, 37KB)

6-2 Charges Filed in Stranger Sexual Assault on Child(PDF, 37KB)

5-27 Sex Offender Sentenced to 40 Years DOC(PDF, 38KB)

5-20 Gang Member Sentenced in Homicide(PDF, 37KB)

5-20 Greeley Man Sentenced in Attempted First Degree Murder Case(PDF, 37KB)

5-20 Jury Finds Man Guilty of Attempted First Degree Murder on a Peace Officer(PDF, 37KB)

5-19 Lochbuie Woman Charged with Child Abuse(PDF, 37KB)

5-4 OIS Report Released(PDF, 37KB)

5-3 Former Teacher Sentenced in Sex Assault(PDF, 39KB)

4-19 Suspects in Nunn Car Fire Deaths Charged(PDF, 37KB)

4-14 1984 Sex Assault & Kidnapping Suspects Charged(PDF, 41KB)

4-12 Charges Filed in Death of Woman Found in Trunk(PDF, 38KB)

4-5 OIS Officers Cleared(PDF, 37KB)

4-4 Man Sentenced in Charity Event Assault(PDF, 38KB)

3-31 Final Suspect in Gang Shooting Sentenced(PDF, 37KB)

3-18 School Bus Driver Charged with Attempted Sexual Assault on a Child(PDF, 37KB)

2-9 Man Sentenced to 20 Years DOC for Biting Off Girlfriend's Eyelid(PDF, 38KB)

1-28 Northern Colorado Nurse Formally Charged(PDF, 37KB)

1-27 Officer Involved Shooting Suspect Identified(PDF, 36KB)

1-27 Preliminary Hearing Win in Toddler Homicide(PDF, 38KB)

2015 News Releases

12-31 Conviction in Drug Task Force Case(PDF, 37KB)

12-23 Charges Filed in Greeley Homicide(PDF, 37KB)

12-18 Ten Year Conviction for Felony Burglary(PDF, 37KB)

12-18 Bias-Motivated Crime Conviction(PDF, 37KB)

12-9 First Felony DUI Conviction in Weld County(PDF, 42KB)

12-4 Cold Case Conviction(PDF, 58KB)

11-25 Sex Offender Sentenced(PDF, 37KB)

11-23 Donation to Frontier House(PDF, 156KB)

11-6 Burglar of Sentimental Items Sentenced(PDF, 41KB)

11-3 COCCA Sentence(PDF, 38KB)

11-2 Rourke Honored by COVA(PDF, 38KB)

10-27 COVA Strangulation Presentation(PDF, 38KB)

10-13 First Felony DUI Plea(PDF, 55KB)

8-24 Weld County Investigator Honored(PDF, 196KB)

8-13 Officer-Involved Shooting Report Released(PDF, 38KB)

7-28 CIRT Press Conference Release(PDF, 42KB)

7-15 Loveland Detective Charged With Attempt to Influence a Public Servant

7-10 Woman Convicted of Animal Cruelty in Horse Death(PDF, 42KB)

6-22 Officer-Involved Shooting Subject Identified(PDF, 42KB)

5-15 Charges Filed in Death of Two-Year Old(PDF, 43KB)

5-5 Charges Filed Against Kyle Moore(PDF, 43KB)

5-1 Guilty Plea in Stabbing Case Results in 16 Year Sentence(PDF, 43KB)

4-27 COCCA case prompts arrest of Clair Hull(PDF, 42KB)

4-16 Fallis Investigation Update(PDF, 42KB)

3-23 Weld DA names new Community Relations Director(PDF, 36KB)

2-18 Officer Involved Shooting(PDF, 37KB)

1-26 Habitual Sex Offender Sentenced to 112.5 Years to Life(PDF, 38KB)

1-22 Woman Sentenced to 25 years for Distribution of Methamphetamine

1-9 Officer Involved Shooting on January 4, 2015(PDF, 37KB)

1-8 Man sentenced to 36 years for sexual assault on minor(PDF, 37KB)

1-7 Officer Involved Shooting on January 4, 2015(PDF, 36KB)

1-2 Rourke Sworn in as Weld County District Attorney