Frederick Woman Sentenced in 2015 Road Rage Deaths

Published on December 09, 2016

Nacole Grim

GREELEY, Colo. (Weld County D.A.) - A 30-year-old Frederick woman convicted earlier this year of two counts of vehicular homicide was sentenced today to 12 years supervised probation for her role in the fatal crash.

A jury found Nacole Lee Grim guilty of two counts of vehicular homicide caused by reckless driving and one count of third-degree assault in early October.

According to court records and testimony, Grim was driving southbound on I-25 near Mead on April 15, 2015 when she crashed her GMC Envoy through a median cable barrier, darted into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle, driven by Dang Many “Dani” Mantkhong, 34, of Parker. Mantkhong's vehicle then became wedged under a semi-tractor trailer.

Grim's Envoy also crashed into a Jeep Wrangler, driven by Andrea Weiss, 39, of Fort Collins. Both Mantkhong and Weiss were pronounced dead at the scene. Another driver involved in the crash had moderate injuries.

A witness who testified at the trial said that prior to the crash Grim was traveling at a high rate of speed in the left lane. As the witness moved into the right lane, Grim flipped her off and continued down the interstate. During this exchange, Grim drifted into the right lane and overcorrected, causing the crash.

As a result of the accident, Grim was left paralyzed from the neck down. Considering the defendant's medical condition, Judge Shannon Lyons felt a Department of Corrections sentence was not appropriate and instead sentenced her to probation.

In addition, Judge Lyons ordered her to give 100 presentations about the impacts of road rage and how it affected the victims and herself. He said she must also give the presentation to every high school in Weld County, which is to be included in the 100. Finally, Grim must produce a public service announcement about the case that will be used at our office's discretion.

Several of the victims' family members spoke at today's sentencing.

“Her [Dani] life was taken away unexpectedly and undeserved,” said Dani's sister, Linda Mantkhong. “The loss has sent shockwaves through my family. We're still grieving, and without question, there will always be a void in our hearts.”

“Andrea had such a big heart,” said her partner, Linda Thomas. “But she always felt if you created a problem, you must be held accountable. I hope from here we can all heal. I loss the light that was my life. I can never get it back, and now my mission is to find me again.”

Following the sentencing, Assistant District Attorney Robb Miller said, “This is one of those unfortunate cases where no one wins. It goes to show that losing your temper behind the wheel of a car can lead to devastating consequences. Road rage isn't a victimless act, and sadly, this case proves it.”

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