Diversion for Parents

Welcome Parents!

We're happy your child is in the program! We believe it will be beneficial for the both of you.

Over the next few months, your child will be required to complete certain tasks to successfully complete the Diversion program. We believe you play an important role in guiding your teen down the right path to success. Along the way, we hope you learn too!

Below you'll find several resources at your disposal. From Popular Social Media Apps and Cyberbullying to Slang Terms Parents Should Know, the information will help you not only understand today's digital world but it will also give you insight into your teen's life.

As a participant in the Weld County Diversion Program, you're required to download the following brochures and discuss them with your child. Smartphones and social media are shaping the way teens behave. We hope you find this information both enlightening and informative.

After you have downloaded the brochures, make sure to sign the Parent Acknowledgement Form at the bottom of this page. Good luck, and please don't hesitate to ask your Diversion officer questions!

  1. Popular Social Media Apps(PDF, 1MB)
  2. Sexting: Looks Fun. Not Worth It.(PDF, 4MB)
  3. Cyberbullying: How Do I Comfort My Teen?(PDF, 23MB)
  4. Slang Terms Parents Should Know(PDF, 21MB)
  5. Parent Acknowledgement Form