Information on Watts Case

A recent case in Weld County has received signification attention, both locally and around the world. The Weld County District Attorney's office has created this page to streamline information requests pertaining to the Christopher Watts case. If you wish to obtain materials pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act or Colorado Criminal Justice Act pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes §24-72-200.1 et seq., and §24-72-301 et seq., follow the procedure below:  

  1. Download and complete this form,(PDF, 55KB) to request access to materials released pertaining to the Watts case.
  2. Scan the form and return it as an email attachment to
  3. Your request will be processed. If approved, you will be granted access to the requested files.

Please note that the Weld DA's Office is not the custodian of the records for the most recent interview with Christopher Watts that investigators conducted on February 18th, 2019. To obtain documents related to that interview, you will need to make a separate CORA request through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.

Also note, these files are VERY LARGE. If you do not have high speed internet access, you may request physical media (USB Flash Drive) for an additional cost $85.00. If you have any questions about this process, please email