Social Media Safety

Social Apps(PDF, 1MB)
Sexting Link(PDF, 4MB)
CyberBullying(PDF, 23MB)
Slang Terms Parents Should Know(PDF, 21MB)
Protecting Social Media(PDF, 12MB)

SnapChat, Instagram, MeetUp, Kik - What are these apps and how are teenagers using them? Parents, we live in a social networking world, and yes, it goes beyond Facebook nowadays.

Teens are constantly finding the latest trending apps and sharing online experiences, not only with friends but strangers too. "Stranger Danger" isn't in your driveway anymore. Strangers are lurking inside your home and communicating with your children, without you even knowing it.

We're not here to tell you to ban all social networks. In fact, it's a great tool, something we in the District Attorney's Office use daily to share and gather news and communicate with the public.

But now is not the time to be naive!

Before handing over the digital world to your teenager, make sure to have a policy in place to avoid the dangers that exist. From sexting and pornography to cyberbullying and thoughts of suicide, smartphones have created countless obstacles standing in your child's way, and you need to be prepared.

Here, you'll find many resources on how to guide you through our tech world, show you how to spot the dangers and comfort your kids through those pivotal years.

Are you a school administrator or oversee a group of teenagers and need help spreading the message of social media safety? Excellent! We'd love to help. Give us a call and we'll send a representative to your location. Let's create a safer world for a better tomorrow!