DA Rourke Responds to Governor's Decision to Repeal CO's Death Penalty

Published on March 23, 2020

Michael Rourke

Today, the governor joined a majority of the legislature in refusing to allow the voters of this great state to decide for themselves whether the death penalty should be repealed, and signed into law the bill repealing this essential tool to fight the worst of the worst.

Fifty-eight people (38 representatives, 19 senators and one governor) ripped this crucial determination away from the 3.47 million active voters in this state (according to Secretary of State website). Disgraceful.

As if the disappointment of the repeal of the death penalty wasn’t enough, in one fell swoop the governor reversed the work of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, juries, appellate courts, and most importantly the commitment and emotional toll on victims’ families.

Three murderers in Colorado’s death row were unceremoniously granted clemency, despite the fact that the bill from the legislature only applies to crimes committed after July 2020.

Governor Polis ignored the due process afforded to these three individuals in order to fulfill a campaign promise.

Today, justice was denied in the name of political achievement.

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