Man Severely Beat Several Children in Colorado & Texas

Published on February 01, 2018

Isaiah Rodriguez Mugshot

Man severely beat several children in Colorado and Texas, could spend up to 103 years in prison

A man who admitted to severely beating several children in his care on several occasions could spend more than 100 years behind bars.

In November of 2014, law enforcement officers in Arlington, Texas were investigating a case of child abuse after a two-year-old girl was taken to a Texas hospital with severe injuries.

According to court documents, those injuries included a laceration of her spleen and liver, a large hematoma to her liver and a large amount of blood in her pelvic region due to internal bleeding.

Isaiah Rodriguez, 35, admitted to causing those injuries after he severely beat the child. However, that wasn’t the first time he had caused serious injuries from beating her.

During the course of the November 2014 investigation, medical personnel conducted a full skeletal exam and discovered the toddler also had healing rib fractures stemming from a prior incident they believed happened on a separate occasion.

The mother of the child told investigators that she witnessed Rodriguez stomping on the toddler’s stomach in their Greeley apartment a few months before they had moved to Texas in November of 2014. The mother said when she had laid the child down to change her diaper, she briefly left the room to get wipes and the child began crying.

According to court documents, the mother said when she walked back into the room, she witnessed the defendant stomping on the child. The mother told investigators that in July of 2014, she also witnessed Rodriguez hitting her 15-month-old on the child’s head with his knuckles.

He said he did this because “she would hold food in her mouth and not swallow it.” The defendant told the child’s mother that “the child was wasting his money because she wasn’t swallowing the food.”

The defendant admitted to stomping on and punching both children on several occasions. He also told investigators that he had done this to several other children in his care but wasn’t sure if he had ever severely injured them.

A Texas judge sentenced Rodriguez to 87 years in the Department of Corrections for the beatings that occurred in Texas in November of 2014.

On Thursday morning, a Weld County judge sentenced Rodriguez to an additional 16 years in the Department of Corrections on two counts of Child Abuse Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury from the Weld County cases that stemmed from the November 2014 investigation in Texas. This sentence was ordered to run consecutively to the Texas sentence.

“Mr. Rodriguez deserves every second of every hour of every day that he sits in prison for what he did to these beautiful, innocent children,” Weld Deputy District Attorney Arynn Clark said in the sentencing hearing Thursday morning. “This is not a person who just snapped once. He’s a monster and he’s a man who had a pattern of attacking children. He stole their childhood away from them from his heinous actions. They now live in fear and will have to deal with this for the rest of their life.”

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