D.A. Employees Earn 'Excellent Job Service' Award

Published on September 12, 2017

Faces of Weld Excellence Service Award

GREELEY, Colo. (Weld County D.A.) -- Two employees from the Weld District Attorney's Office received county-wide awards at the annual Weld County Commissioners 5k Cup on Friday.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Pirraglia and Weld County D.A. secretary Brooke Strosnider were both awarded the Extraordinary Job Service award, presented by Weld County Commissioners Julie Cozad and Barbara Kirkmeyer.

Also known as Faces of Weld, the award ceremony recognizes county employees for their hard work and dedication to serving Weld County residents.

Pirraglia joined the Weld D.A.'s Office in January 2013 from the 11th Judicial District. After joining the team, he quickly and efficiently began prosecuting felony-level offenses, including high-profile gang cases, murders and assaults.

"Michael shows immense dedication to holding offenders accountable for their actions," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Tony Perea. "He's always one-step ahead on finishing his tasks, and I truly believe Weld County is safer because of his commitment."

Pirraglia's job, however, couldn't be complete without the assistance of Brooke Strosnider, secretary to Pirraglia's court division. Joining the D.A.'s Office in October 2014, Strosnider was quickly promoted from county to district court. Her supervisors say she continually shows her commitment to her cases, attorneys and co-workers.

"Brooke not only helps out in her own division, but she is continually reliable in assisting several areas of the office," said Julie Seader, district court clerical supervisor. "She's the perfect mix of being a focused worker and a notorious prankster. She's an integral part of the team."

We'd like to thank Michael and Brooke for their persistence in serving the community and congratulate them on becoming Faces of Weld!

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