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Greeley Detective, Gang Expert Honored with Excellence Award

Posted on 12/29/2016

GREELEY, Colo. (Weld County DA) - On Wednesday, the Weld County District Attorney's Office had the pleasure of celebrating the career of one of Greeley's most dedicated detectives, Mike Prill.

Prill currently heads the Greeley gang unit and has held a position there since 1998. It's his hard work and dedication to keeping Weld County citizens safe that earned him the inaugural Excellence in Criminal Investigation Award, presented by the Colorado Attorney General's office.

Prill has become an expert in investigating gang activity and is vital to the prosecution of many of our cases. Over the years, Prill has spent countless hours devoting his time to the unit and has served as an expert witness in nearly 50 gang-related cases.

"Mike has truly become one of the greatest assets to this office, Greeley and Weld County," said District Attorney Michael Rourke. "His commitment and expertise has helped our prosecutors put many violent gang members behind bars, and his help has made our community safer."

Weld DA Chief Investigator Keith Olson was a sergeant in the Greeley Police Department when Prill first joined the unit. Olson said behind all of the headlines was Mike Prill.

"For close to two decades, newspaper headlines and the evening news channels reported the senseless murders and vicious assaults committed by Greeley gang members," Olson said. "But that has since changed with Mike Prill at the helm. These gang members soon found themselves sharing a common sentence: Life Without Parole."

Our office thanks Detective Prill for his unwavering effort in protecting the citizens of Greeley and Weld County from gang activity.